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The owner K&K Security came to my door to better understand the issue and resolve it – which he did to my complete satisfaction. Now when does it ever happen that an owner takes such a personal interest?? I’m about to use K&K for a 2nd property and am delighted with their service and professionalism.

Devid Mallan

The K&K Electric team is simply the best in the business. They transformed my Fire system connection from almost non-existent to having an incredibly strong. I highly recommend them to anyone with internet needs.

Brian Robinson

The owner is a super nice guy. He’s very professional and knowledgeable. He came over to my place and provided very helpful suggestions and recommendations for my messy wire and cable boxes. I had to cancel my installation due to other circumstances. He’s very pleasant and not pushy at all. Will definitely recommend him.

Maurice Jonathan

A very large slab of concrete was installed by K&K. The service, price, and ability to perform seemed easy for this crew and this company! 5 stars

Michael Stewart

Such a great company! Had a wonderful experience from start to finish. It was great working with Jared and Juan and the rest of the team. Excellent customer service and great price for the service they provide. I will certainly recommend K&K Electric to family and friends. Thanks for making us feel safe in our home!

Nathalie Gérard

We recently became customers of K&K Electric after a break-in in our neighborhood. The technicians that came out for the installation were very professional and the owner met with us to review the technology logistics with us, which was super helpful! We learned that the technology that this company utilizes is very secure, which is important to ensure the protection of our home. Highly recommend!

Evan Wilkerson

I had a room with all the outlets plus the switch malfunctioning. The electrician was in and out in less than an hour. I was very satisfied with the service and I’ll more than likely use them again in the future.


K&K Electric showed up on time, were hard workers, and installed an amazing new security system for us. They were super kind, and very easygoing about my dogs and kids being here. They wore masks and were respectful of my safety and my home. Could not be happier with them and our experience!

Micha Geisler

Great company, great service, have had them with my home for several years and today they came out to my new building at my business and installed a burglary and camera system. The installation crew was great, knowledgeable, and very efficient. So, thank you install crew Gerardo, Jorge, Jared, and Juan. Thank you, the owner, for explaining all the new technology and security encryption that you use.

Patel Holmes

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