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There is no simpler building or M.E.P permit process. Upload your plans here and our experienced Project Managers will get started!


Permits approved since 2015

The owner K&K Security came to my door to better understand the issue and resolve it – which he did to my complete satisfaction. Now when does it ever happen that an owner takes such a personal interest?? I’m about to use K&K for a 2nd property and am delighted with their service and professionalism.

Devid Mallan

The K&K Electric team is simply the best in the business. They transformed my Fire system connection from almost non-existent to having an incredibly strong. I highly recommend them to anyone with internet needs.

Brian Robinson

The owner is a super nice guy. He’s very professional and knowledgeable. He came over to my place and provided very helpful suggestions and recommendations for my messy wire and cable boxes. I had to cancel my installation due to other circumstances. He’s very pleasant and not pushy at all. Will definitely recommend him.

Maurice Jonathan

A very large slab of concrete was installed by K&K. The service, price, and ability to perform seemed easy for this crew and this company! 5 stars

Michael Stewart

Such a great company! Had a wonderful experience from start to finish. It was great working with Jared and Juan and the rest of the team. Excellent customer service and great price for the service they provide. I will certainly recommend K&K Electric to family and friends. Thanks for making us feel safe in our home!

Nathalie Gérard

We recently became customers of K&K Electric after a break-in in our neighborhood. The technicians that came out for the installation were very professional and the owner met with us to review the technology logistics with us, which was super helpful! We learned that the technology that this company utilizes is very secure, which is important to ensure the protection of our home. Highly recommend!

Evan Wilkerson

I had a room with all the outlets plus the switch malfunctioning. The electrician was in and out in less than an hour. I was very satisfied with the service and I’ll more than likely use them again in the future.


K&K Electric showed up on time, were hard workers, and installed an amazing new security system for us. They were super kind, and very easygoing about my dogs and kids being here. They wore masks and were respectful of my safety and my home. Could not be happier with them and our experience!

Micha Geisler

Great company, great service, have had them with my home for several years and today they came out to my new building at my business and installed a burglary and camera system. The installation crew was great, knowledgeable, and very efficient. So, thank you install crew Gerardo, Jorge, Jared, and Juan. Thank you, the owner, for explaining all the new technology and security encryption that you use.

Patel Holmes

Whatever stage your project is in, we can help:

For many clients, our efforts begin with Due Diligence research and Project Feasibility Analysis. In these cases, we are involved very early – for instance, when a developer is looking at a piece of property and wants to know its development potential. We provide a detailed report on the local municipality’s codes and policies, and we work to uncover any permitting roadblocks or even potential deal-killers for a project. Perhaps the most valuable element we provide is the “permitting roadmap” that spells out precisely what is required to submit for permits and also the estimated timeline for that municipality’ review. A developer will use this to create their development timeline, and will often then share this report with their design professionals (Architect, Designer, etc.) to begin the design process within the requirements of the local municipality.

Many clients connect with us when the permit submittal package (architectural plans, engineering, etc.) is prepared and ready to submit. Our efforts begin with a completeness review of the submittal package, ensuring that all required submittal elements are provided. We then complete all required permit application materials and then make the submittal directly to the municipality.

Some clients find us when they have submitted the building permit themselves, only to find that the process of managing a building permit is quite complicated. In these cases, we start by confirming the current status of the permit – discerning what’s really required to get that permit issued. We then create the roadmap for moving that permit through the required bureaus and coordinate with the design professionals to obtain the drawings and other materials required to satisfy each bureau, ultimately resulting in an approved, issued building permit.

No matter where you are in the process, no matter what city you’re in, you’ll find that our team engages quickly and progresses rapidly. Contact us today!


K&K Construction & Investment's Corp is a Building Permit Management firm headquartered in the DMV Metro Area. Our reach and experience span the entire nation and beyond. Wherever your project requires governmental reviews and approvals, we can help.

Our local, national, and global clients enjoy the benefits of our processes – perfected over nearly 25 years with hundreds of thousands of approved construction permits.


Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, Developer, General Contractor, Subcontractor, Government entity, Bank/Lender, Property Owner, or Homeowner, you’ll find great value in connecting with our extraordinary team. You’ll be in good company too – some of the folks who have benefitted from significantly improved permitting timelines include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Intel, UPS, Fed-Ex, AT&T, Verizon, Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Pepsi, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo,  Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, Fossil, Aritzia, D.R. Horton, Lennar Homes and more.


Simply put, K&K Construction & Investment's Corp manages every aspect of the building permit process for commercial, industrial, and residential projects in every municipality in the United States. Since 2015, K&K Construction & Investment's Corp has moved the permitting industry well beyond “permit expediting.” With more than 25 years of combined experience, the team at K&K Construction & Investment's Corp serves as a “Project Manager” in the permitting realm. Our efforts typically begin early in the process with property research/due diligence and what we call “Permit Roadmapping”. With this roadmap, we coordinate directly with all required design professionals to compile the required submittal documents. For example, a project’s design will often begin with the architect’s efforts and then will continue with the structural engineer, civil engineer, geotechnical engineer, landscape architect, and others. We work with all parties to ensure the drawings are coordinated into a complete and properly configured permit submittal package – one that’s ready for prime-time and customized to meet the specific requirements of the municipality. Once the permit set is ready, we complete all required application materials and make all required submittals at the municipality – ensuring plans have been routed to the correct parties for review. As each reviewing authority replies with comments/corrections, we work with the design team to interpret the codes and requirements and respond in the most complete manner possible. Once all reviews are approved, we prepare hard copies of the approved plans and the issued permit for the job site and deliver them.

We are often asked, “What makes you faster?” The answer: Beyond our years of experience and strong relationships with the plan reviewers, the fastest path to an issued building permit is to reduce the number of review cycles at the municipality to the greatest degree possible. Our approach to “front-loading the quality” with completeness reviews prior to each submittal and resubmittal is the secret sauce.


K&K Construction & Investment's Corp utilizes the most advanced technology in the industry for expediting building permits. How do we know? Because we developed it ourselves! Our exclusive “Permitech Pro©” permit management tool allows us to track, manage and report the status of each required review for each permit in every jurisdiction with incredible accuracy and efficiency.


K&K Construction & Investment Corp is driven by a vision to improve the pace of the construction industry by tackling one of the most challenging aspects of development – building permits. This vision has resulted in measurably improved development timelines for our local, regional, national, and global clients over the past three decades.


Leading-edge technology, superb staff training and management have proven a great formula for success, but success is not our ultimate objective. Excellence, in every area from streamlined administration to our ongoing relationships with customers and jurisdictions, translates into a superior overall building permit experience for everyone.

Our goal is to deliver every issued building or M.E.P permit to a customer who will tell others of the simple, uncomplicated experience they had when they entrusted this responsibility to us.

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